Yamaha Technology 1982: Rising-rate Monocross suspension

Yamaha Technology 1982: Rising-rate Monocross suspension

Newly designed link mechanism

In this system two arms link the shock absorber and the swing arm so that the shock absorption effect may be changed in accordance with the degree of wheel stroke induced by shocks from the road in what is called a rising-rate (progressive) function.

The new rising-rate Monocross suspension system features an I-shaped rod and an L-shaped arm that function as a lever between the swing arm and the shock absorber. In this mechanism, changes in the lever ratio cause the shock absorption effect to differ from near-full extension stroke to near-full compression stroke even over the same degree of wheel travel. The shock absorber works softly against small bumps or minor shocks, but when bumps are large or when shocks from the road surface are strong, such as when landing from a jump, the shock absorber works hard to prevent bottoming. In addition, the damping force of the damper unit is fully adjustable on both the extension and compression sides.

The rising-rate effect of the new Monocross suspension helps greatly to improve the handling characteristics of a machine on bumpy road surfaces.

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