History Timeline (USA)

 Year  Yamaha Motor Origin
The first Yamaha motorized product was the YA-1 Motorcycle (125cc, 2-stroke, single cylinder, streetbike). It was produced and sold in Japan.
 Year  USA History
1958 The first Yamaha Motorcycles sold in the USA were by Cooper Motors, an independent distributor. The models were the YD1 (250cc, 2-stroke, twin cylinder, streetbike) and MF-1 (50cc, 2-stroke, single cylinder, streetbike, step-through).
1960 Yamaha International Corporation began selling motorcycles in the USA.

The DT-1 Enduro was introduced. The world's first dual purpose motorcycle which had on & off-road capability. Its impact on Motorcycling in the USA was enormous.

Yamaha's first Snowmobile, the SL350 (2-stroke, twin cylinder) was introduced. This was the first Snowmobile with slide valve carburetors.

1970 Yamaha’s first 4-stroke motorcycle model, the XS-1 (650cc vertical twin) was introduced.
1971 The SR433 high performance Snowmobile was introduced.
1973 Yamaha continued expansion into new markets by introducing Generators (ET1200).
Yamaha pioneered the very first single-shock, production motocross bikes. This was the beginning of the YZ Monocross machines that changed motocross forever.
1976 The legendary SRX440 snowmobile hits the market and quickly catapults Yamaha to the forefront of the snowmobile racing scene.

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, was founded in order to better appeal to the American market and establish a separate identity (from music & electronics) for Yamaha motorized products.


The XS1100 motorcycle (four cylinder, shaft drive) was introduced.

XS650 Special was introduced. This was the first production Cruiser built by a Japanese manufacturer.

Golf Cars were introduced in the USA with the G1 gas model.

YICS (Yamaha Induction Control System), a fuel-saving engine system, was developed for 4-stroke engines.

The new Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, corporate office was opened in Cypress, California.

The first 3-wheel ATV was sold in USA… the Tri-Moto (YT125).

The G1-E electric powered Golf Car model was introduced.

The first air-cooled, V-twin cruiser, the Virago 750, was introduced.

The first production 5-valve per cylinder engine was introduced on the FZ750 motorcycle.

Yamaha’s first 4-wheel ATV, the YFM200, was introduced in the USA.

The Phazer snowmobile was introduced. Known for its light weight and agile handling.

Yamaha begins marketing Outboard Motors in the USA.

The V-Max 1200 musclebike hits the streets.
Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America was founded in Newnan, Georgia.

A new exhaust system for 4-stroke engines, “EXUP,” was developed to provide higher horsepower output throughout an engine's powerband.

Yamaha introduces personal watercraft...the sit-down WaveRunner and the stand-up WaveJammer.

Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Company begins Golf Car and Water Vehicle production for USA and overseas markets.

The Vmax-4 Snowmobile (2-stroke, four cylinder) was introduced.
Yamaha expands its product offerings by acquiring the Cobia boat company.
The Century and Skeeter boat companies are acquired by Yamaha.

Yamaha introduces its first Star model with the 1300cc, V4 Royal Star.

Tennessee Watercraft produces Sport Boats and later, the SUV WaveRunner.


Yamaha acquires the G3 boat company.

At the Newnan, Georgia, manufacturing facility, the first ATV (the BearTracker) rolls off the assembly line.

Yamaha opens southeastern offices in Kennesaw, Georgia.


The YZ400F four-stroke motocross bike was introduced. This was the first mass produced 4-stroke motocrosser.

The YZF-R1 sport bike was introduced. It set the standard for open class sport bikes for several years.

The Grizzly 600 4x4 ATV with Ultramatic transmission was introduced.

The EF2800i generator with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) was introduced. PMW allows use with equipment that requires stable frequency and voltage.


The Buckmaster® Edition Big Bear 400 4x4 was introduced. This was the first ATV with camouflage bodywork.


The F225 Outboard was introduced. It was the largest 4-stroke Outboard at the time.

The FX140 WaveRunner (1000cc, 4-stroke, four cylinder) was introduced. The world's first high performance 4-stroke personal watercraft.

The RX-1 Snowmbile (1000cc, 4-stroke, four cylinder) was introduced. The world's first high performance 4-stroke Snowmobile.
2004 Rhino Side x Side model introduced. Combined performance, terrainability, utility capabilities, and take-along-a-friend convenience to lead the way in a new category of off-road recreation.
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